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Richard Diaz – How to Train for OCR

Listen on: Today's podcast episode is one of those that I was looking forward to recording a long time. Richard Diaz is a legendary coach, who specializes on OCR. He is the go-to guy when it comes to improving your running mechanics, making changes to your running...

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Vegan Bodybuilder Shaneve Swift

In this episode, Shaneve and me dive into the topic of veganism. Shaneve used to be a track&field athlete during her early years from middle school through college but then she decided to try bodybuilding. It was at the time she was transitioning to a vegan diet...

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Michal Kopčan – Sports Mental Coach

In today's episode I have a great time speaking with PhDr. Michal Kopčan, an IMGCA (International Mental Game Coaching Association) certified coach who works with high-level athletes in and outside of Slovakia. Michal shares with us his great energy, passion, and...

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Michelle Barton

iTunes In this episode of the podcast I am with Michelle Barton, who is a successful ultra-runner. Michelle will share with you her mindset. How she thinks about challenges in life, how it relates to running, and her recipe for long-time happiness. We also discuss...

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