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Michal Kopčan – Sports Mental Coach

In today's episode I have a great time speaking with PhDr. Michal Kopčan, an IMGCA (International Mental Game Coaching Association) certified coach who works with high-level athletes in and outside of Slovakia. Michal shares with us his great energy, passion, and...

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Michelle Barton

iTunes In this episode of the podcast I am with Michelle Barton, who is a successful ultra-runner. Michelle will share with you her mindset. How she thinks about challenges in life, how it relates to running, and her recipe for long-time happiness. We also discuss...

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Bence Bíró

In today’s episode, I am with a friend of mine, Bence. I had an opportunity to spend a few days with him and his flatmate two years ago when I was visiting Budapest and it was a life-changing experience, I will find out why during the podcast. Bence is 22 years old...

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Majo Srnik

What if you decide one day to pack your stuff and move to a different country? This is the thought that many of us had at some point in our life. Majo Srník did it when he moved to Canada in 2011 to start a new life with his girlfriend. Overcoming struggles of life he...

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Luke Bosek is an ultra-endurance athlete who happens to be my running coach. The reason I asked him for this interview was simple. I view endurance training and racing as something that develops your spirit and mind as much as your body. When you think about it,...

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