While plant-based diets have many benefits, they have a lot of pitfalls as well, especially for those of us who are very active. Let me lead you through the biggest mistakes that lead to unwanted weight loss, loss of performance, loss of lean muscle mass or general tiredness and give you suggestions for changes that you can make right now so you start to feel energized and powerful again!

Raňajková kaša či dezert

Ovsená kaša na dva spôsoby Základ500 g Ovsené krúpy90 g g Stredný banán15 g Kokos sušený strúhaný2 čjl Škorica mletáTofu-čoko krém100 g Čokoláda Lindt Excellence 85%180 g Tofu naturálne Lunter kusAvokádovo-černicový krém75 g Černice160 g Avokádo zrelé Príprava ovsenej...

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Coffee in health and sports

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you work-out? Do you have health and performance goals? Then here are tips for you how to make coffee work for you, not against you! Many coffee drinkers start their day with a cup of coffee, but is the best thing to do? Let's explore what...

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Insta-pot Lentil Chilli

Nutritious, oil free, filling, simple, delicious. I love lentils! They provide you with a high dose of protein, taste amazing, have a lot of fiber. I simply love to soak the lentils overnight, put all ingredients into the pot in the morning and come back to lunch...

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Oatmeal Brownie

Nutritious, oil free, filling, simple, delicious. This porridge brownie has come to life as a variation of my typical morning porridge, except this time I decided to bake it as well. The result? Everybody who has tried it so far liked it, even people who are used to...

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Daniel Weiss

Daniel Weiss

Nutrition Coach

Food enthusiast, nutrition & habit coach. I coach people people to reach their body health & performance goals.

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