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Oatmeal Brownie

Nutritious, oil free, filling, simple, delicious. This porridge brownie has come to life as a variation of my typical morning porridge, except this time I decided to bake it as well. The result? Everybody who has tried it so far liked it, even people who are used to...

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Autumn Hokkaido and Oats

  Autumn is here and with it all the amazing seasonal foods. What I love about oats is their versatility. In summer I prepare overnight refrigerated oats, but in autumn, there is nothing better than  a morning walk or run in a crispy weather and have a warm,...

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Vegan Debate Take-aways: Kresser, Kahn

There was great debate on Joe Rogan's show on the topic of vegan diet. Before you stop reading this post thinking it does not apply to you because you are not a vegan, it does 😉 So read along. CONSIDER: Joe Rogan is a proponent of high-fat diets and has biased...

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Sójové mlieka – porovnanie

Rastlinné mlieka sú v móde! Už aj ľudia, ktorí sa nestravujú vegánsky alebo nemajú problémy so živočíšnym mliekom si sem-tam kúpia domov alebo objednajú rastlinné mlieko ku káve. Každopádne, tento článok som sa rozhodol napísať na základe toho, že sa ma v poslednej...

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How I Eat and Exercise During a Busy Day

We all have days when we are super busy and can't fit in workouts or our eating habits take a hit. This is no problem if it happens occasionally but what if it happens most of the time? Actually, having no time, energy or resources (money, information, skills) are the...

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Otazky a Odpovede

Toto sú otázky, ktoré sa ma ľudia často pýtajú. Nie sú všetky a postupne budem dopĺňať ako otázky, tak aj odpovede. Preto odporúčam využiť formulár v spodej časti stránky aby ste ostali v obraze 🙂 Ja osobne ich nejem,  ale nevidím problém keď ich niekto má v strave. ...

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Fitness Low Calorie Brownie v 1.0

My grandma had a birthday yesterday and I was looking for a good cake to make for her. I know she likes the traditional home-made cakes and those that you can buy in a store.   But since I look at the food also from a nutritional standpoint, not only taste, the...

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Daniel Weiss

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Food enthusiast, nutrition & habit coach. I coach people people to reach their body health & performance goals.

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