I want you to go ahead in life coming from a place of strength, with a level of understanding that will give you a massive advantage in life.

Daniel Weiss is a trainer, speaker, coach  specializing in Dating & Relationships, Leadership, Strategic Intervention Coaching and Mindset Training. Being in the business for over five years, Daniel has been coaching both men and women to help them get clear direction in their dating, relationship and life.

Daniel soon understood the importance of cause and effect most people are unaware of. Small steps taken over long period of time is what makes the difference.

One of the biggest strengths of Daniel’s coaching is the ability to see the whole picture and connection between seemingly unrelated things and how they affect each other.

Often, clients who come for help with meeting women discover how it is related to their job performance, procrastination and general happiness in life.

Daniel treats client’s life as a whole, complex ecosystem. Often, instead of giving advice, he helps clients to find their own way to maximize client’s result by helping them develop strategies that work for them.

Different people come with different problem. But the number of problems is limited and number of solutions infinite.

Daniel Weiss

Daniel Weiss

Strategic Intervention Coach


  • Long-term – short term focus will not get you to where you want to get. Most people want instant gratification. Coaching is about the exact opposite – long term commitment and mindset for life-long success.
  • Intuitive & Inspiring – During the coaching process I focus on inspiring clients so they can stick to their long-term goals. The process and exercises done are intuitive. Intuitive means that you will be able to commit because it creates trust in the process.
  • Simplicity goes hand in hand with intuitiveness. If you are not doing simple tasks, you will not be able to execute more complex tasks. Simple doesn’t equal easy, however. There will be times when a simple, yet hard decision needs to be made to achieve progress.
  • From analytical thinking to getting in touch with your intuition. Do you feel like or have you been told that you overthink? Being analytical has it’s purpose but to be balanced brings the best out of the both worlds. Trusting your intuition, trusting yourself, raising your awareness, are all part of the inner work almost everybody needs to do.
  • Challenge for your brain and body. To complete the triad of mind, body and spirit, we need to challenge all the three areas to achieve personal excellence.

I’d recommend people following Daniel Weiss he has gained a lot of wisdom. And has great amounts to share.

John Cooper

Social Heartist Coach

You were one of my most determined students to work with and I like the strides you have made.

David Wygant

Dating Expert

Awesome job with your consistency. I think you are the most consistent athlete I have and it shows in your workouts and overall fitness.

Luke Bosek

Fitness Coach

I would like to let you know that your lectures worked. I managed to improve at conversation skills and I don’t even feel shy, which used to happen to me before. Anyway, today I simply sat down next to a complete stranger and got her number a moment later. I even told her that I liked her without any problem. Then I told her I’d call her tomorrow to set up a date.



...I was talking about this to Dan Weiss, trying to maybe get this sleep rhythm shit in order finally. Supportive as ever, he gave me some practical advice, but more importantly - he didn't judge...


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