How would it feel like being fully satisfied and healthy in your body? I will help you to reach your body and performance goals so you can feel confident & energetic to take on the world!

Daniel Weiss is a performance coach, certified nutritionist, OCR athlete, specializing in optimizing performance through improvements in nutrition, mindsets and general lifestyle.

My mission is to dispel the confusion about health & nutrition.

My journey started at high school when I wanted to lose the excess weight as a part of my self-development. I got fit pretty fast because I started working out and eating less. However, the quality of my diet did not improve, quite the opposite.

Based on the advice I was following, I started avoiding all carbs. I was afraid of them because I believed that all carbohydrates are poison. My meals consisted mainly of eggs, meat, and dairy, with just a few vegetables, that were low in calories. This approach did not last me long because I hit a plateau after the initial weight loss.

Still, I was encouraged. My focused changed from weight loss to psychology and I learned a lot about how we think and why we do what we do. I also found a more approachable way to eating – following the hunger cues. Most people follow this way of eating and they still overeat and under-nourish themselves. The problem with that approach is, that the quality of food also determines the other processes in your body such as hunger.

As I was trying to figure out more about how to eat properly to get lean and healthy, I got more and more confused by all the contradicting information on the Internet, which led me to skip breakfast, be afraid of certain foods and food groups and I created a negative relationship with food.


Here is an overview of services I offer to clients. In case you are interested, contact me via an inquiry below.

  • Personal coaching
  • Workshops & presentations – if you would like to improve  the health of more people in you company, school or any organization
  • Online coaching – get in touch anywhere, anytime
  • Online group coaching – leverage the momentum a group of focused people can create
  • Immersive Personal Coaching – dedicated to the few who are committed 110%

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Daniel Weiss

Daniel Weiss

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach


Training Skipping to early 2015, I decided to sign-up for a race I dreamed about for a long time. The Spartan Race. Signing up gave me a reason to train harder than I ever did. I started noticing better how I felt while training and found out that eating more vegetables and fruits served me much better than meat and dairy-heavy foods after which I felt heavy. 2017

  • OCRWC 2017 Qualified
  • Spartan Race Ultra World Championships 2018 Qualified in the Elite Category


  • Spartan Race Super – Donovaly2nd place in the age group 25-29
  • Spartan Race Beast – Kubinska Hola – 1st place in the age group 25-29. Time 3:16:25
  • Kordicky Extrem (26k, 1100m+ elevation) – 5th place overall, 4th place in the group Men below 40 years. Time 2:17:56
  • Spartan Race Super – Valčianska Dolina – 1st place in the age group 25-29, 18th overall. Time: 2:13:26

Health At the same time, I had skin issues, eczema, and rashes that were occurring frequently. Following my intuition at the time by eating more plant-based foods relieved some of my symptoms and enabled me to train better. My curiosity lead me to explore the world of nutrition deeper. I stopped reading articles on the Internet and started diving into studies of nutrition. Later, I enrolled in a sports nutrition course, which gave me a much better understanding of food, biology, metabolism, how our bodies work and how to achieve my fitness & health goals.

I would have never thought that my passion for psychology will turn towards a passion for nutrition and how these two areas will fit together to fill the whole picture and allow me to effectively improve the life of people who want to improve their health and performance!


  • Long-term – short term focus will not get you to where you want to get. Most people want instant gratification. Coaching is about the exact opposite – long term commitment and mindset for life-long success.
  • Intuitive & Inspiring – During the coaching process I focus on inspiring clients so they can stick to their long-term goals. The process and exercises done are intuitive. Intuitive means that you will be able to commit because it creates trust in the process.
  • Simplicity goes hand in hand with intuitiveness. If you are not doing simple tasks, you will not be able to execute more complex tasks. Simple doesn’t equal easy, however. There will be times when a simple, yet hard decision needs to be made to achieve progress.
  • From analytical thinking to getting in touch with your intuition. Do you feel like or have you been told that you overthink? Being analytical has it’s purpose but to be balanced brings the best out of the both worlds. Trusting your intuition, trusting yourself, raising your awareness, are all part of the inner work almost everybody needs to do.
  • Challenge for your brain and body. To complete the triad of mind, body and spirit, we need to challenge all the three areas to achieve personal excellence.

Awesome job with your consistency. I think you are the most consistent athlete I have and it shows in your workouts and overall fitness.

Luke Bosek

Fitness Coach

Daniel was very communicative. I knew that he would be available to answer questions and had creative solutions to the problems that our project presented. He delivered everything on time and went out of his way to make sure the project was perfect. It was easy for him to understand what I wanted and deliver it, even when I didn't know how to explain what I was looking for.

Liam McRae


I would like to let you know that your lectures worked. I managed to improve at conversation skills and I don’t even feel shy, which used to happen to me before. Anyway, today I simply sat down next to a complete stranger and got her number a moment later. I even told her that I liked her without any problem. Then I told her I’d call her tomorrow to set up a date.



...I was talking about this to Dan Weiss, trying to maybe get this sleep rhythm shit in order finally. Supportive as ever, he gave me some practical advice, but more importantly - he didn't judge...


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