Ep 56 Expert Workout Nutrition with Tim Podlogar BSc, MSc, PhD

Jun 4, 2021Nutrition, Podcast

Tim Podlogar BSc, MSc, PhD

Tim Podlogar BSc, MSc, PhD

Tim offers nutritional advice to a number of professional, semi-professional and amateur riders.Apart from nutrition he is also interested in exercise physiology,  environmental physiology and strength and conditioning. He authored  numerous scientific as well as non-scientific articles. 

You can find him on Instagam @timpodlogar

Good nutrition alone will not make you an elite athlete, but bad nutrition will make an elite athlete average. If you want to take your endurance performance to the next level, you need to pay attention to what and when you eat.
Tim Podlogar, BSc, MSc, PhD, joined me to help you understand how to fuel properly for your training and improve your recovery through nutrition.

Topics Covered and Time Stamps:

00:05:05 When should you start thinking about workout nutrition?
00:08:00 Carbohydrates and fats metabolism during workout
00:15:45 Hunger after workouts
00:18:45 Fat adaptation – do you need to go low carb?
00:28:00 Altitute training, training in heat, and carbohydrate manipulation
00:32:28 Q&A: Differences in intra workout fueling for strength vs endurance
00:34:00 Should you use complex carbohydrates and fats to fuel your workouts?
00:38:00 Q&A: I’m a heavy sweater and can’t keep wats up during training. What should I do?
00:42:30 Post exercise recovery nutrition recommendations
00:48:30 Protein needs for endurance athletes
00:52:00 Q&A: Nutrition consideration throughout the menstrual cycle
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