Give Yourself More

A Science-Backed, Six-Part Plan for Women to Hit Their Weight-Loss Goals by Defying Diet

Georgie Fear, RD, CSSD

Georgie Fear, RD, CSSD


Helping people reach their goals and eat happily-ever-after is my life, and that means going against an entire industry. The diet industry thrives on millions of people waking up each day and feeling “not good enough”. It sells you lies, promotes your appearance as your only worth, and it ensures it’s own survival by setting you up to fail. It pretty much goes against every fiber of my being.

I believe in honest sharing and scientific evidence. I value empowering people, and believe that love is the most powerful catalyst for change. (It’s also sometimes the hardest tool in the box to find). I also believe that with practice, we can get better at anything we want to.

Every day I’m practicing too, as well as coaching, eating, exploring and learning. I invite you to read along and share my journey.

Today I speak with Georgie Fear, the co-author of the book Give Yourself More: A science backed six-part plan for women to hit their weight-loss goals by defying diet culture.
If you are a man, don’t skip this episode because what we speak about applies to any gender. During our talk you will find out what the book is about and how the diet culture holds us back from achieving our weight-loss goals and what you can do about it.
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Connect with Georgie Fear:

For many women, body goals are all about loss. In Give Yourself MORE, Georgie Fear and Aleisha Fetters will teach you how to flip that idea of “loss” into their joyous concept of “more.”

Time Stamps

2:00 What is the book about?
6:00 How we strive for LESS and why it actually makes us unable to reach our goals.
9:00 Six areas of our life
9:35 How we use exercise as a punishment and why it is ineffective
11:30 Do you exercise to eat? Our body needs energy just to survive, even if we don’t exercise!
12:45 What if instead of reducing what or how often you eat, you added more nutrients!
14:00 How to strive for MORE
15:27 How changing the way you think (giving yourself MORE) and adding pleasure into your life leads to weight loss and better life.
20:05 I share how one of my clients embodies these principles and now is losing weight without even trying.
22:30 Exploring your emotions – Inability to name your emotions is connected with emotional eating.
27:40 Georgie about Give Yourself More support Facebook group

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