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People come to me with a variety of goals expecting me to prescribe a diet to them. I don’t. I teach them how to eat appropriately.

Behavioral Nutrition coaching

Daniel is Precision Nutrition level 1 certified nutrition coach based in Slovakia.


First, I got interested in nutrition during my university studies when I realized that my eating habits and activities cause me to lack energy, gain fat, and hinder my health.


To reclaim my vitality, I started searching for advice on how to improve my eating and become more active, which I immediately put into practice.


Changing my eating habits by improving the quality of food I was eating together with increased activity lead me to desired fat-loss, improved fitness level, improved energy throughout the day and last but not least, I became more confident.


Ever since, I’ve been looking for ways how to improve my life. In December 2015, I signed up for his first Spartan Race and fallen in love with the obstacle course races as well as trail running.


The desire to improve my results in sports brought me to study sports nutrition. In 2017, I completed courses in Basics of Sports Nutrition and Advanced Sports Nutrition and Precision Nutrition, the global authority in sports nutrition and coaching.


Na osobnom stretnutí sme prebrali moje stravovacie návyky, pretože som nevedela pribrať a nemala som dosť energie na šport. Daniel mi poradil ako zlepšiť stravovanie - veľkosť porcií, rozloženie bielkovín, tukov, sacharidov, doplnky výživy a výsledky som na sebe videla už po pár dňoch! Daniel je v tejto oblasti naozaj odborník, ďakujem!


OCR athlete, OCRA

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