Mike Howard

Mike Howard

With over 20 years of in-the-trenches experience as a personal trainer, online coach, youth fitness specialist, author and presenter, Mike has orchestrated meaningful, individualized solutions to thousands of clients both in Vancouver and around the world.

Mike has gained national and international attention for his philosophies on body composition, youth fitness and matters relating to fitness and nutrition education. He has appeared on TV (CBC and Shaw TV), print (Vancouver Sun, IMPACT Magazine) and has penned over 400 online articles. He has also been the guest on numerous podcasts. Mike is the creator of “The Lean Minded Fat Loss Course and has authored 2 books: “Lean Minded: 50 Days to Mind and Body Transformation” and the e-book “Talking Back to Diet Gurus: An Un-revolutionary and Un-Sexy Guide to Fat Loss”.

The three biggest obstacles people new to their health and fitness journey face are getting started, then building momentum, and then falling off the track
In this podcast episode Mike Howard @leanminded joins me to discuss how you can get started, build momentum and stay on track with health and for the rest of your life!

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