Thick, sour-sweet, crispy. This simple dessert cup takes just minutes to prepare and even your grandmother will love it.

Creamy fruit cup with crisp

  • Preparation: 10 min
  • Ready in: 10 min


  • Granola:
  • 100g oats
  • 10g brown sugar
  • 30g peanut butter
  • 10g cocoa powder
  • Berries smoothie:
  • 300g berries, of your choice
  • 200ml water
  • Coffee Cream:
  • 200g Cottage cheese (2% fat) or tofu
  • 4tsp Coffee powder
  • 20mL water
  • *You can use espresso instead of powdered coffee with water but I found the instant coffee to work well for this kind of recipe better.


  1. Preheat a pan.
  2. In a bowl, mix oats with sugar, cocoa powder, and peanut butter. Transfer to pan and cook on medium heat, stirring it consistently. It took me about 5 minutes to get the oats crunchy.
  3. Blend all the ingredients in a blender into a smooth consistency.
  4. If you have smooth cottage cheese, simply blend it together with coffee and water into a paste. If you don't blend it in a high speed blender until smooth.
  5. It's easiest to portion the cream using a piping bag, especially if you are making more than 4 servings. Otherwise, wet a spoon in cold water, and fill the bottom of a glass with the cream. Then tap it a few times so the cream settles in the glass evenly and smooth it with the spoon.
  6. Pour the smoothie on the cream.
  7. Sprinkle granola on top.


if you freeze the coffee cream, you will get a delicious yet simple ice cream.
You can experiment with different flavors of the cream. Lime, salted caramel, coffee, or vanilla.

Nutritional Information

  • Per serving
  • Energy: 283 kcal / 1183 kJ
  • Fat: 11.4 g
  • Protein: 14.9 g
  • Carbs: 28.7 g

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