Richard Diaz - How to Train for OCR

Today’s podcast episode is one of those that I was looking forward to recording a long time. Richard Diaz is a legendary coach, who specializes on OCR. He is the go-to guy when it comes to improving your running mechanics, making changes to your running form, and get the edge out there on the field.

Richard Diaz has been in the business for decades and his athletes take top places in the OCR events. Just to mention a few, Hunter McIntyre, Faye Stenning, or Veejay Jones (the youngest Spartan Pro athlete)

Show notes:

  • 3:30 – How Richard enjoys life and what he does
  • 7:35 – Mechanical threshold – testing the correct running technique
  • 15:30 – How to train for OCR
    • focus on the weaknesses first;
    • training specificity;
    • how much to run;
  • 25:00 Training tips for beginners – How to prepare for OCR
  • 33:30 Tips for intermediate
    • work on the basics and efficiency;
  • 37:30 Correcting your running & recovery
    • testing your HR response;
    • signs of overtraining;
    • nutrition “As an athlete nutrition should be given”
  • 53:21 Propper nutrition for athletes
    • ketogenic diet;
    • training your body to burn fat;

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