Faye Stenning on Grit, Life and Fulfillment

In this episode of Average to Exceptional I had an opportunity to speak with a Spartan Race Pro racer, Faye Stenning. Not only is this woman a Canadian superwoman when it comes to overcoming obstacles during a race, but also when it comes to grit in life. The amount of wisdom, integrity, and humility she has to share is exceptional.

Topics we discuss in the podcast:

  • grit and perseverance,
  • being stubborn,
  • Faye mentions how she gets through the hard times during the race,
  • Fayes’ view on relationships of athletes and the mistakes to avoid in order to make your fulfilling relationship, not a training partner.

You can reach Faye through her website, Grit Coaching.

Follow her on Instagram @fayestenning_ocr or Facebook with the same handle, Faye Stenning OCR.

Daniel’s FB:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dwcoaching/

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