Adam Bombicz, soccer player

by | Jan 21, 2024 | case study

We want to challenge ourselves in sports. We want to look like we exercise and eat healthily. We want to feel and look fitter in the 40s and beyond than when we were 20. And we look for inspiration from athletes, friends, and colleagues.

Today, I will give you such inspiration: Adam, a semi-professional soccer player who was surprised by how simple losing weight can be despite his demanding life.

Adam started working with me in November to lose fat and improve his athletic performance. He worked as a courier, which means he spent most of his day in a delivery van, coming home stressed and tired. Since we started working together, his child got sick, and he got sick as well.

If there were a person who could make excuses for not eating right and not exercising, it would be Adam.

But Adam had a mindset of champions.

He had no excuses and despite his meals were not perfect, and his reduced training time, he kept going.

He was putting the new knowledge into practice every day.

This is how his meals changed in two weeks:

“I was surprised. I expected to lose weight but I was not expecting that number. Really, it surprised me. I expected honestly, maybe 3-4kg, but it was exactly 7.78kg. People and family have been telling me that it is visible.

You know, I did not weigh myself. I was not concerned with weight because we always had some phase that we discussed and I focused on that. I was not concerned with the number on the scale because I felt better, and that was important for me: that I felt better, that it is more simple, and that it’s working .”

Adam tried counting calories in the past to lose fat but didn’t see much progress. He also wanted to understand food and how it he can use it to have energy for training, work, and family. Like me, he also believed it must be possible without counting calories for the rest of his life.

We started working together in November 2022 during the soccer off-season. There were a few major challenges:

  1. Adam worked as a delivery guy. If you say you have no time, imagine being a delivery guy before Christmas…
  2. As a delivery guy, he had no access to a kitchen and he ate mostly in the delivery truck
  3. Adam had no cooking skills. He could boil water and spread butter on bread.
  4. He caught COVID twice in 4 months.

But Adam said: *”If I can watch my nutrition during this time of the year, I will be able to do it any time of the year.”*We tailored our approach to his unique life.

He was not counting calories, but making calories count. We focused on improving the quality of his diet in small steps. That allowed him to be perfect with his imperfect diet.

In just four months, Adam learned:

  • How to prepare simple, yet tasty and nutritious meals;
  • How to stay consistent with his diet even when his life is demanding;
  • How to eat so he has energy for work, soccer, and his son;

And as a result, he lost fat as well.

Adam now

  • Has more energy for his job, family, and workouts.
  • Handles stress better.
  • Can get over sickness faster.

I’ve been weight-stabe since last year. Sometimes I allow myself to eat more, but it’s not often, I’ll have sweets too. But I’m training enough to not gain it back.

I already know my body and I know what’s good for it and what’s not and that’s the most important thing. I feel good at sports I don’t have a problem. I don’t feel heavy or sluggish, so I’m very happy.

The time we spent together has given me a lot.

I can only recommend it to everyone.

Thank you for teaching me that no diet is necessary if you learn how to eat.

Adam 'Bomba' Bombicz

soccer player

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