Xero Shoes Sunrise Review

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Reviews

If I were to sum this shoe with one word, it would be “comfortable”. Easy to slip on, very lightweight, thin, and they provide a sock-like feeling making them an ideal companion at home, in the office, and even on a trek. Yeah, trek, you’ve heard that right!

I’d like to thank Xero Shoes for sending me these shoes for review for free. I am, however, free to give my honest opinion on the shoes and I do. I also provide affiliate links to the Xeroshoes products and I may be compensated for sales that I refer.

First impressions:

Most of the Xero Shoes I have tried feel super comfortable right out of the box and they don’t require wearing in.  This time, it was not the case. My toes felt squished and I was worried I got the wrong size, but after wearing them for about an hour, they gave in. That is when they started to feel like a pair of socks.

What I noticed immediately was fine stitching, without any glue along the edges of the shoes or any minor production defects. That impressed me! Maybe it was because I was sent a review model, but I’ve had a similar experience with the models I purchased myself as well.

At first, I wore them inside, but later I took them out for testing.

The sole:

What interested me was the triangular chevron pattern on the outsole of the shoe, which is not something I would expect in an office shoe. But Xero shares that they want you to use them inside, and outside, specifically for park walks and light trekking. Then, that makes sense! I found they held better off-road, but were sliding a bit on a wet road.

They are also rather thin, almost barefoot. When you remove the insole, you will feel every pebble on the road. Whether that’s good or not, I’ll leave up to you. But I would not take them for any serious hike for that reason.

What surprised me was that while walking on the frozen ground, my feet did not feel cold at all. Typically I can feel cold from the ground when it’s freezing outside, and that is even in shoes that have thicker ( ~2cm) soles. It was not the case with Xero Sunrise. Maybe it is thanks to the removable insole, which seems to be thermal. Well, whatever it is, it works great!

The Upper

The upper is made of a synthetic material, which seems to me more suitable for inside use and casual walks. When I went for a walk, a spring shower hit me and after a few minutes, my feet started to get wet. I did not notice it at the moment, but I could see it when I removed the shoes and saw my socks wet. Despite that, my feet felt warm all the time – even when I wore them at -2°C.


To conclude, Xero Sunrise is in my opinion a great companion for casual walking on and off-road, and they also look smart so you can pair them with jeans but also with shorts. You can walk but also run in them (but I would not suggest them for running). Xero provides 5000 miles warranty for their shoe soles, and the production quality also seems to be top-notch. If you are looking for a casual super-comfortable shoe, look no further.

To sum it up, my feet are happy.

Xero Sunrise 

  • Easy to slip on, 
  • Responsive
  • Comfortable sock-like feeling
  • Go 0.5 bigger (they got wider after about an hour of walking in them)
  • In -2°C I did not feel gold from the ground or anywhere on my foot
  • Great value for the price (75€)