What to expect from a Nutrition coach

You may be wondering what the role of a nutrition coach is. You probably already have some idea of ​​what to expect. But often it depends on the coach himself, what approach he has to clients and thus also what “tools” he uses when working with them.

We can often meet fitness coaches who, in addition to training, advise their clients on what and how to eat. You can also meet advisors who stick to a particular style that they promote and use exclusively. Examples are counselors who are proponents of keto diets, intermittent fasting, or other approaches. My aim in this post is to respond to the current situation and at the same time to introduce you to my work with clients.

“People come to me with different goals and expect me to give them meal plans. I do not do that. I educate them on how to eat properly. “

I would like to start by saying that one of the main roles of a nutrition coach is to fill the gap between the professional and the general public. On the one hand, we have experts, scientists, researchers who deal with studies in detail. However, for ordinary people, such professional research is illegible and experts often cannot translate it into simple terms.

This often makes it difficult for the nutrition coach himself to understand some of the research. Personally, I am constantly learning in this area, but I often refer to experts on the interpretation of the study, who can more easily explain the data from the study. In doing so, I ask them questions that will help me evaluate whether these studies have an impact on my clients. Often these are just interesting things without a real application. (Many people, including experts, get carried away by such studies.)

Subsequently, here we have the classification and application of relevant information for clients. As a nutrition and lifestyle expert, I have a huge amount of information that doesn’t matter unless applied by the right person at the right time.

A good example of inappropriate application is if the nutritionist uses a uniform approach to all clients, such as keto eating. In my view, good information is what you, as a client, can practice. It is the most common problem you face!

You know what you should eat, but you can’t keep it. My job is to help you apply the information so that you can practice it and get results.

Nowadays, everyone can easily find information on the Internet and calculate their recommended caloric intake using calculators. However, there is a different path for everyone to this number.

In summary, my role as a nutrition coach is to give you only relevant information, at the right time, in a way that you understand. Then I will be here for you and provide you with support, and I’llhelp you create systems that will allow you to follow your new diet. In addition, I lead my clients to self-development outside the field of nutrition itself.

This concept, which includes nutrition, exercise, social life, relationships and spiritual needs, is also called deep health. You can read what it looks like in practice in the client experience.