Is Your Type Really Your Type?

You might be surprised if you look deeper.

The society, marketing, what we often see in the media, all have a tremendous power over our life, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Therefore it is vital to be aware about the most important things in our life and the root cause of our dissatisfaction. Dating & Relationships is one of the areas, which are very important and worth exploring deeply!

What’s your type?

Many people will ask you this and you will generally give them a description of person that you are attracted to BUT have you ever given it a second thought?

Maybe you have noticed that your type changes over life. Sometimes as dramatically as to the exact opposite. For example after one relationship ends, you decide not to deal with a person like that anymore and therefore decide to look for a different kind of person.

What I have in mind however is how our type is influenced by the society and media. We are always presented and encountered with different pictures of imposed ideals. It is most distinct when we compare Western and Eastern society. The differences are obvious.

However, have you thought about how media and the culture you live in influences in your partner prefference? And is always for your own good?

When I look back at my life, especially during college times when I was trying to define my type consciously, I realized the degree to which I am influenced by others. Maybe I was attracted to a girl, but I would not act on it because I thought my friends would not approve or that I would not look cool enough.

On the other hand I remember when I literary run after a girl and got her number simply because my college roommate said she was hot. Crazy! I would not do that would he not say it. I was looking for the approval. I envisioned gettting respect from others and myself alike if I get together with the “hot girl”.

However, chasing external approval will only get you so far. You will always feel something missing in your life if you choose to do so.

When I got courage to go after what I want, I paid attention to my thoughts. If I started thinking in terms of what society would approve, who would it approve and how it would make me look good, great things happened.

Suddenly I was able to connect with girls on a deeper level and be O.K. with them not being perfect. Before, looking for perfection had meant there was no girl good enough and those that were perceived good enough (good looks), were unreachable for me because I was putting myself into internal conflict – I want this girl because of perceived status but not because I want her.

That is what many men and women go through during their life.

You are attracted to a woman or to a man and he has great qualities, yet you don’t act on it because you think that the person is not good enough to be seen with you, that they miss something “important” that would make them a complete package, somebody that your friends, family and society would approve.

Try to give this a critical thought and realize if you’ve been doing the same.


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