Veganz pizza Tricolore Review


Veganz Pizza Tricolore is basically a vegan version of pizza Margherita. It consists of a dough that boasts with 24-hour sfermentation, tomato sauce, and vegan cheese based on coconut oil.

I was fascinated by the 24-hour fermentation and one ingredient – the cauliflower coconut cheese sauce.


As far as pizza is concerned, I am a very demanding customer and that is why I only have pizza in a few verified pizzerias. There were several reasons why I tried this frozen pizza:

  • I haven’t had pizza in a long time
  • I work with people who buy such products and I want to advise them as best I can, so I consider it necessary to try them
  • it was discounted

Before I tasted this pizza, my bar was set relatively low. I was expecting a pizza that would have dense, crunchy dough, a salted tomato sauce, and vegan cheese that would have coconut and artificial taste.


We make the dough without any artificial baking agents and instead use yeast, refined with a little extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. After a 24-hour resting period, the crust is pre-baked in a word burning stove atop Sicilian Aetna lava stone – making it beautifully crispy, fluffy and light, all at the same time. 

I’m glad my expectations did not fully come true … except for the dough. As you can see in the picture, the crust is thin and crunchy after baking (baked on a baking stone). This is a characteristic that many people love. Personally, I prefer a light, fluffy (Neapolitan) dough that bends and this is the opposite. The dough itself does not have a special taste, but at least it is not salty or dense like a block of concrete. I wouldn’t call it fluffy though.

If you like crunchy, denser dough, you will definitely like it. I think it’s better in taste and structure than what you get in many pizzerias.


The Veganz Pizza Tricolore is topped by hand: Tangy tomato sauce, sun dried cherry tomatoes and hearty Sicilian highland herbs.

I expected the sauce to be salty (by my standards), but it wasn’t. I would describe its taste as sweet and balanced. The tomatoes, together with cauliflower and cheese, went perfectly together.

Our Veganz Tricolore has what a lot of other vegan frozen pizzas don’t: A creamy pizza melter made with coconut oil and yummy white sauce puffs! Visually they look like mozzarella but offer a whole lot more taste-wise. The vegan pizza gets its special spicy taste through the pleasant hint of garlic. The trick? Creamy white sauce sprinkles made with natural ingredients and 50% cauliflower. 

The cheese softened during baking without melting completely, the same way you would expect Mozzarella on the pizza Margherita. This suggests to me that it was added only after pre-baking, as the manufacturer states.

* I read the manufacturer’s description after eating the pizza when writing this review, so I didn’t focus on some of the flavors they mention. For example, I didn’t find it spicy and I didn’t feel garlic in it, but I can say what I noticed without being influenced by the claims.


A big positive is that they use ingredients that are little industrially processed and the ingredients come from the EU countries.

Wheat flour, sieved tomatoes (17 %), cauliflower sauce (12 %) (cauliflower (45 5%), water, rapeseed oil, oat fibre, garlic, salt, concentrated lemon juice), water, grated coconut oil-based pizza topping (9,0 %) (water, coconut oil (25 %), modified starch, salt, acidity regulators: sodium citrate, citric acid; flavouring, colour: beta carotene; potato starch), cherry tomatoes (8,0 %), durum wheat semolina, extra virgin olive oil (1,0 %),
sea salt (0,9 %), sugar, yeast, spices, basil (0,5 %), oregano.

Contains 1,0 % extra virgin olive oil.

The whole pizza will cost you 600-748kcal and it contains only 16.5g of protein. If you pay attention to your caloric intake, it is quite a difference. But there is no need to be fooled by this. Inaccuracies in the nutritional values ​​on the packaging is one of the topics I address when educating clients.

  Nutrition per 100g (as stated on the label) Nutrition per 100g (as stated on the producers website) Per pizza (360g)
Energy 208kcal 166 kcal 597.6 kcal – 748 kcal
Fats 6.6g 3g 10.8 – 23.76g
Protein 4.7g 4.6g 16.56g
Carbohydrates 30g 29g 104.4g

Added value

Veganz products care about ecology and this is also shown on the packaging. You can find information on CO2 and water used there.

The emission value of Veganz Pizza Tricolore is 608 grams, while non-vegan mozzarella pizza is 1,276 grams.

Overall impression

I rate the overall impression of the pizza positively. The ingredients go well together and are similar in taste to the original. Cauliflower-coconut cheese has a mozzarella-like quality to it. Although it differs in taste and texture, it has an interesting taste.

This pizza will definitely not offend, and I would easily prefer it to some deliveries from restaurants.

As for the quality of the ingredients, I think they are well-chosen and I also like the fact that they pay attention not only to the quality of the raw ingredients themselves, but also to the ecology, and at the same time they let you know about it on the packaging.

As with many vegan foods, this pizza also contains just a small amount of protein. I would definitely recommend to serve protein food with it, such as tempeh, tofu or seitan. The plus is the relatively low-fat content.

Personally, I don’t understand who frozen pizzas are for. If I want pizza, I pay attention to quality, this frozen pizza will not replace it for me. If I want a quick meal, I’ll do something completely different. I wouldn’t buy it again because I see no reason to. But maybe you do…

Vľavo Veganz Pizza Tricolore

Vpravo domáca proteínová pizza z celozrnnej múky, domácim paradajkovým pretlakom, cibuľou a tofu.

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