Vegan Bodybuilder Shaneve Swift

In this episode, Shaneve and me dive into the topic of veganism.

Shaneve used to be a track&field athlete during her early years from middle school through college but then she decided to try bodybuilding.

It was at the time she was transitioning to a vegan diet and so she faced problems, many new vegan athletes do.

She was not sure about what to eat or how often to eat, she was not even sure about whether it would be possible for her to build muscle on a vegan diet.

However, Shaneve had a compelling reason. Her love for animals allowed her to make the step of faith and she committed to the vegan life-style.

She hired a personal trainer and soon she started seeing results.


Now her mission is to inspire people and help them with the vegan lifestyle.

Connect with Shaneve:

IG: @swiftandfit

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IG: @performanceoptimized

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