Understanding Your Energy

What is personal energy? Why to pay attention to it and how to change it.
It seems there are two groups of people. One that intuitively understands the word “energy” and vibe with the word, and the other group that doesn’t know how to comprehend it. The later is typically a group of analytical people, who are not in touch with their intuition deeply.
And since I use the word energy to express and explain my ideas quite often, and I also get asked about it, I decided to write a short article where I explain what I mean by energy, how I understand it, and maybe help you bridge the gap between the intuitive and sensible world.

The Context

The context is important. When I give advice to people, I often say or write things like “Focus on your energy.”, “Change your energy.”, or comment on their energy that I pick-up from the way they speak, write or vibe.
What I mean by that is the vibe they give away. It is how we feel about people. For example, when you meet someone for the first time and you like or dislike something about them but you cannot put your finger on it. This is what energy means to me.
Some people are more sensitive to the vibe people give off than the other. In general, women are much more intuitive and process much more cues subconsciously than we can ever imagine. When a woman enters a room and looks at you, she will judge you from 40 different angles at once. The way you stand, how you speak, what is behind your words, etc. She gives you “The look”.
To some extent, we can learn to be more receptive by practicing observation. This is one of the greatest benefits you can get from working with me.
As I mentioned above, these processes are typically subconscious, unless you focus on them. These processes are subconscious because if we had to have all of them in our conscious attention, we would go crazy. So our brain processes all the cues, past memories, and experience in the background and what we feel or how we feel about somebody is the result of all the information.

What The Energy is

“So I usually focus on what it is to me, the vibrations and sensations. Could you explain or show me something that could clear it up?”

To make it even clearer for you, let me explain it to you by asking you a question.

Could explain the color red?

I suppose you can’t. You can give me a precise description of red by specifying the wavelength of red or describe it as RGB (255,0,0). That is a precise description of it but you don’t know how to process this information. You could make out of it that red is the number 255 or that blood is red, but you don’t really know red color until you see it. At the same time, it is the easiest way to point at a red thing and say “This is red.”.

Similarly, we can describe energy and energetic state, or a vibe by assigning it a value in Hz (vibrations) but that tells you nothing until you experience it.

The closest we can get to energy is to describe it by emotions. Happy, fulfilled, excited, amazed, sad, betrayed, lonely… all of the emotion describe a different energetic state. I guess that is why we can observe a happy person and say he/she is energetic, while a sad person looks to be down.

Why Would You Want to Change Your Energy?

We have certain energy at all times but what really matters is what kind of energy is present most of the time. It is exactly same as with emotions. What is the defining emotion in your life? That is what matters.

If you are happy one day in a week, nobody would describe you as a generally happy person. Therefore, focusing on your life satisfaction and life happiness and fulfillment will lead to a higher energetic state.

We are attracted to happy people.

At the same time, we are attracted to people who are happy. We gravitate towards similar or a little higher energy than we have. For example, enlightenment is the highest energetic state according to Dr. Hawkins. Budha is one that represents that energy, yet not everybody gravitates towards him, despite him vibing at the very top energetic state. There is a natural progression that we need to obey in order to comprehend and vibe with the higher states – no skipping stages.

To simplify it, if you have a good energy, people will be attracted towards you. Sometimes even those, who you don’t want close to you, because they just parasite on it. Unfortunately, with power comes responsibility. In this case, you are responsible to protect yourself from people, who drain your energy or they will drag you down. It is always easier to go down than to go up…

Based on this description you might already have an idea how useful it is to be able to pursue higher energy states. It helps you personally, it allows you to help people around you, it is essential in leadership. Anywhere where people are involved.