Katarína 51 – How she lost 16kg. Temporarily.

May 23, 2021case study

“About 5 years ago, my daughter signed me up in a gym for the ” Super Body “program. I thought this type of exercise was not for me. At first, I didn’t take it seriously at all. About halfway through the program, I started to lose a lot of weight. I found out that sports and healthy eating became my priority and passion at the same time. Every day I had some sports activity,2 times a week even 2-phase training. In 8 months I lost 16 kg and I felt great. “

It sounds like a fairy tale. When sports and a healthy diet become your passion, it is easy to lose weight. Katarína found herself in sports and a healthy eating, but she had not been expecting what was to come…

“After about 2 years, I started gaining weight, not much. Every kilogram was frustrating for me and I wanted to get to my previously lost weight back quickly.

I continued to play a lot of sports, I was not paying attention to my diet and one day I found out that I stopped enjoying sports. I started gaining weight and I gained all 16 kilograms back. I stopped liking vegetables I previously liked and I was fed up with sports and a healthy eating. “

Katarína quickly understood how her previous decisions had caused her to overdo it with sports. The driving force for her was the community and the number on the weight, which she lost. However, two-phase training and daily intensive training are not sustainable for everyone. This was also the case for Katka, when the decrease in activity was automatically followed by weight gain – exercising for her in a way to burn calories was therefore unsustainable.

I was unnecessarily overmotivated, I didn’t have the right meal plan, exercise was as a duty.

“I believed that the way I lost weight for the first time would work now. I was wrong, it didn’t work.

My daughter recommended Dany as a nutrition and fitness coach to help me step out of the vicious circle and improve the quality of my life. She completed your program and saw visible results. “

During our consultations with Katka, I have seen rapid progress in her mentality. But at first she didn’t see the point in the mental exercises I suggested to her and she wasn’t sure if what we were doing would have any effect. She only saw the meaning after two months, when it all began to make perfect sense.

“I haven’t seen a big result in the first two months. Over time, I know you reminded me of building a solid foundation, which I didn’t see until later. We worked on building new habits. After consulting with Dany, I found out that I was getting myself under pressure when choosing food. Since I started choosing food in a relaxed way, I have been making better decisions. “

And how has Katka’s view of food, training, or even life changed since our collaboration? Has she achieved her goals?

“When I’m choosing food I combine it with the feeling I have after it, how light it makes me feel and how well I can think after it. I exercise with joy, I will still work on myself between trainings to practice the new habit to have movement every day. The original goal was to lose 6 kg in 3 months, I did not succeed. On the contrary, you showed me the way to achieve it and keep it for a long time. “

I can proudly say that not only I but also my clients appreciate the long-term approach. I work with some people longer than with the other, but never shorter than three months. As Katka mentioned above, it took her a while for her knowledge to begin to fit together. And even though in three months of working with me she did not achieve her goal to lose six kilos, I am convinced that she can do it all by herself now and that she will keep it off afterwards!

“When choosing food, I practice not that ‘I can’t, I must not but ‘I don’t want to,’ and when I play sports, I don’t tell myself that ‘I must’ but ‘I want to.’ I used to put myself under stress unnecessarily.”

In addition, our cooperation brought Katka benefits that she did not expect at the beginning.

“I don’t burden myself with topics I can’t influence, I accept them as a fact. I’m currently set to better meal choices, enjoy moving and learn to follow new habits regularly. Dany, thank you.”

How would she describe me as a coach?

“You have a professional approach, you are very educated and experienced. You taught me a lot about eating, building new habits, remembering not to count calories but to use plate layout, conscious eating, and especially to have a clear head, not to be overmotivated and not to get stressed.”

Thousands of women go through the same thing every year. They don’t realize that losing weight is the easier phase, but maintaining a new body is harder. Therefore, my goal is to lead you to systems that will allow you not only to lose weight, but also to maintain the new weight. It’s often about dealing with psychology and systems that allow you to maintain a lifestyle that you enjoy, because the practices with the greatest impact on maintaining weight include physical activity and controlling energy intake. .).

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