Cheat Meals: Treat or Threat?

What are your favourite “cheat meals”?

This is mainly for people who are active, workout, train, exercise hard, and then have a cheat meal because they “deserved” it.

I will make it short, the cheat meal might not be the best option to indulge in after a heavy training.

Let’s take wine as an example.

Having a glass of wine is O.K., maybe even two. But would you have a bottle of wine after a heavy training? Probably not. You know it might not be the healthiest choice.

Yet, there are many people who eat a whole burger or a pizza because they “deserved” it after a ehavy training. (Even vegan junk food is junk food.)

Let this be a reminder, that what you deserve is a diet rich in nutrients. The more active you are, the more important it is!

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Develop a Lifestyle Without Cheat Meals

One of the things I forgot to mention in the video is that I don’t call any meal a cheat meal. It has a negative association with it, which promotes feelings of guilt.

In the long term, it does not help you at all to feel guilty about your food choices. Quite the opposite. It might even lead you down the road if you say to yourself “What the hell, now that I am eating the burger, I might as well drown it in coke…”.

My perspective is that you should develop the kind of lifestyle, where cheat meals don’t exist. At least not the conventional cheat meals. Your cheat meals will be a cauliflower crust pizza, a bean burger, a beet juice. If it doesn’t sound to you like a cheat meal at all, you are right! From the nutritional perspective all of these food are high-quality, nutrient-dense meals, yet you will develop your tastes and enjoy them so much, they’ll become your “cheat meals.”

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