Building a Strong Foundation

Why and how to build a strong base for your success in life and business

Building a strong foundation is one of the most overlooked things, especially when it comes to life. In business, we create business plans, marketing plans, we conduct market research but seem to forget about how important it is in other areas of life.

What is the foundation

The foundation represents roots that provide stability and enables future development with minimum delays and problems.

Think about it as a tree. To grow tall, a tree needs a good support. The support is it’s root system, which provides water and nutrients from the ground and distributes it throughout the whole plant. We might notice, that the bigger a tree is, the bigger roots it has. We might also note, that roots grow first, then the rest of the plant.

What if a tree has a weak foundation? Imagine a tall tree with a shallow roots. If there is a strong wind, it will get broken, it’s roots will not be able to hold it firmly in the ground.  However, if a tree has deep and strong roots, it will persist.

Likewise, we want to create strong, deep base for our life, business, body or relationships so it can withstand a little wind 😉

Why to build a strong foundation?

As pointed above, the strong foundation is necessary for later success. For example runners build aerobic base during off-season so they can build speed in season. In business, a market research is conducted before starting a business. Personal and work relationships are built on trust. Without trust they cannot grow.

How to build a strong base

Regardless of your goals, you need to build a strong base to grow. The base depends on your goals or rather the area of life.

Based on my experience and observation, there is one area that everybody needs to work on. It is the mindset. Mindset is the foundation for human growth or decay.

We form our beliefs, beliefs result in our action or inaction and what we identify with.

Mindset is also a big part of self-esteem. If I fail and look at it as a learning opportunity, my life experience will be different to a person’s, who views failure as detrimental.

That is exactly why having a strong mindset, the foundation, makes things easier and why it needs to be revisited. And now, with a start of new year, it is ideal time to reflect, plan and build yourself stronger.

When you look at this year, I want you to notice your mistakes but without blaming yourself. Let the feelings of blame, shame or anger go as they are no longer needed. On the other hand, note what you have managed to do, acknowledge all the small steps you have taken that moved you forward and continue with your path.

Acknowledge all that you have resisted and all that you have traded for better future, your commitments and fulfilled promises.

All that you deserve,