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Homemade Energy Gel – Go Intense!

Today I wanted to present to you the energy gel I have been using for a while, which means it is tested and works for shorter events below three hours, but you can use it also for a longer event. The reason why I make my own gels is simple. I am not willing to spend...

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Refreshing Summer Oatmeal Bowl

I wanted to share with you this heavenly, refreshing, nutritarian oatmeal bowl I fixed together this morning. Besides its heavenly sweet taste, it is rich in vit. C, calcium, OMEGA 3, fiber, and full of slow releasing carbohydrates, which will keep you satisfied for...

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Fit Athlete: Best Practices to Getting Fit

Last year I attended a seminar with Doc. RNDr. Viktor Bielik, PhD. about nutrition. This year, I attended another presentation with Mr. Bielik, this time focused on regeneration and fitness. Least to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and I am bringing you...

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Golden Oatmeal

I already wrote an article with three different recipes for oats, but I felt like this one deserves it's own space. That is because many people love golden milk, which is a drink made of turmeric (and milk). Just like its liquid counterpart, the golden oats is a...

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Cheat Meals: Treat or Threat?

What are your favourite "cheat meals"? This is mainly for people who are active, workout, train, exercise hard, and then have a cheat meal because they "deserved" it. I will make it short, the cheat meal might not be the best option to indulge in after a heavy...

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Decadent Chocolate Brownie

No oil, no dairy, no honey, just the rich taste of chocolate! I got this recipe from a woman at my client's place a few months ago. However, the recipe included eggs, butter, honey and so I decided to make it vegan! I mean what do you need butter for when you have an...

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Daniel Weiss

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Food enthusiast, nutrition & habit coach. I coach people people to reach their body health & performance goals.

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