Bence Bíró

In today’s episode, I am with a friend of mine, Bence. I had an opportunity to spend a few days with him and his flatmate two years ago when I was visiting Budapest and it was a life-changing experience, I will find out why during the podcast.

Bence is 22 years old entrepreneur who has been into self-improvement for about seven years. Currently, he is a university student, studying psychology. Bence was mentored by his greatest idols in Hungary and has been interviewed multiple times by blogs, magazines, and even TV. What more, he has been lecturing at prestigious Hungarian conferences and also held training in Zurich.

Some of his biggest accomplishments are:

  • IFBB Bodybuilding Junior Hungarian Champion
  • created the 4-hour workweek lifestyle
  • translated the book (No More Mr. Nice Guy) to Hungarian, and last year met with the author in Los Angeles during one of his live seminars
  • Bence led 20 interns who were inspired by Bence’s example and mission

Currently, Bence is helping great people stay consistent and high performance for long-term and focusing on the psychological and behavioral factors. His brand’s name is Fulfilled (it has an International and a Hungarian page).

That is quite a lot for a 22 y.o. Guy, don’t you think? Ladies and gentlemen, please sit back and receive.

You can follow Bence’s work here:



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