20 years vegan with BJJ athlete Matt Steadman


Matt Steadman

Matt Steadman

BJJ athlete, PN1 certified coach,

Matt besides being an amazing person, parent of two, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, coach, Matt has been vegan for over 20 years and he is still kicking strong!

IG: @mattsteadmandc

Matt shares his 20 years experience on vegan diet, from his decision to go vegan as a 14 y.o., how it evolved into nutrition studies all the way to bringing up his two children nowadays.

We talk science, protein, fiber, ketogenic diet, challenges people face on vegan diet and how to overcome them, all of that in an easy to comprehend, conversational manner.

Some of the topics we discussed involved:
  • how Matt got to veganism at the age of 14;
  • what was most challenging for him;
  • what kind of challenges a typical active person can face on a vegan diet and how to overcome them;
  • we mention ketogenic diet, nutrition, proteins and Matt’s thinking process when choosing his meals;
  • intuitive eating;
  • excessive fiber and how too much can hurt your overall progress;
  • towards the end of the episode we talk also about how Matt raises his kids.

Time Stamps

00:01:45 How and why Matt turned to veganism 
00:04:40 Matt’s view on nutrition in short and then I share my view on Gut microbiome, keto diets,  80/10/10 and how  different foods and food groups work for different people. 
00:08:30 Matt shares briefly his macronutrient ratios and his thinking behind dietary choices he makes for himself and his clients
00:12:45 Matt and I discuss working with clients – should you eat intuitively or track macros/calories? Who benefits from tracking and who not?
00:17:13 people put veganism into the box ‘unsustainable diet’ Matt’s view on sustainability of vegan diet from the perspective of nutrition
00:18:50 we briefly mention ketogenic diet. Body composition and performance 
00:20:50 carbohydrates and protein choices on vegan diet. Processed foods and fiber
00:23:20 vegan processed foods, soy and being mindful with your food choices
00:26:20 biofeedback – how you feel after a meal
00:27:00 Matt’s sample meal
00:27:50 the low calorie problem
00:30:00 Fiber in context of daily intake
00:31:00 Matt mentions his eating strategies around workouts
00:32:45 when clean eating hinders your performance
00:35:25 Thrive diet, digestion, enzymes – digestion and how much we absorb (ingest) 
00:39:50 how was Matt’s childhood growing up as a vegan in 70′
00:42:15 Matt’s advice to young people
00:44:30 Active people usually under-eat! + supplementation;
00:48:10 Being agnostic – Nutrition is ever-evolving. What works for you today might not work for you tomorrow.
00:51:00 Lab-grown meat in context of veganism and nutrition
00:55:00 GMO, processed foods and sugars in relation to our microbiome
00:57:00 Glyphosate, herbicides, soil health and cancer connection
01:00:26 Matt’s shares his daily meal plan and favourite food
Matt’s shake: chocolate , almond milk, nut butter, chia seeds, flax seeds, banana , protein powder
01:03:10 Bringing up kids in an omnivore family