Simple, Playful, Actionable Tips and tricks for weight-loss and fitness by a vegan powerhouse


Rebecca Clements

Rebecca Clements

Athlete and a Coach

Rebecca is an energetic athlete and a coach with passion to help people, movement and all things related to it! Rebecca was a vegetarian but later, as she researched study after study about nutrition and the state of dairy industry, she decided to go vegan. That point was seven years ago and she had never looked back!

She loves to move playfully and enjoy life to the fullest! If you don’t see her walking her dogs, you can find her doing strong lifts in a gym and helping her clients to make better dietary choices that lead them to improve their body composition, health and performance.

Instagram: @simply_whimsical

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00:00:00 Rebecca’s background in fitness
00:05:36 Movement as a form of expression and meditation
00:06:25 The role of nutrition in Rebecca’s fitness journey and her transition to veganism
00:08:22 Changes she has noticed when she changed her diet to vegan
  • healing injuries
  • recovery
  • improved smell and taste
  • tracking is useful to get a better grasp and understanding of food
00:12:25 Rebecca speaks about her personalized diet in terms of macronutrients
  • Rebecca eats 2800-3000 kcal /day
  • 150-180g of protein
  • 300-400g of carbs
  • about 80g of fats
00:14:44 How to change your eating habits, step by step
00:16:12 An example of Rebecca’s high-protein breakfast
00:18:01 Common nutrition mistakes (vegan) clients make
  • mental conditioning is 51%, physical conditioning is 49%
  • OCR and communities
  • getting up motivated
  • the power of social community
00:19:08 How to Rebecca helps people to reduce their dairy intake, including the dreaded cheese and the benefits of doing so!
00:22:09 Food hygiene
  • taking breaths before and after a meal
  • slowing down
  • chewing properly

00:25:38 Fitness challenges people often face and how to overcome them

    • setting up the environment
    • choosing your priorities based on your goals
    • making fitness part of your lifestyle
    • 00:29:13 Being connected to the process is what brings you the most results

00:30:09 What is wrong with fast transformations and transformation photos
00:31:10 Eat more to lose fat “Never once had I had a client who is overeating. What it typically is, people either eat the worng things or they don’t eat enough.”
00:34:35 Psychology of eating, overeating and mindful eating
00:38:36 Ice cream swap and an easy cookie recipe
00:40:54 Reseting your body and sugar cravings
00:43:47 Junk food vs real food and it’s effects on your energy
00:46:19 Practical tip on how to cut down your sugar intake
00:49:08 Rebbeca shares her current favourite workout and how she thinks about movement and play
00:54:16 Importance of play and mindfulness for sustainable health and fitness