Raw Chocolate and Black Currant Cake

Raw, refreshing, nutrient dense

This week, my mother had a birthday and so I decided to step up my game and try to do something new – a raw cake. I never made any because it was simply too much hustle, but from time to time it is a good change.


One of the reasons I am not a fan of cakes, vegan or not, is a relatively heavy use of oils and processed ingredients. This one is made from the whole foods only! The fats come from nuts, cocoa beans and avocado. Carbohydrates from the fruits of your choice and dates and you can even supplement it with a protein powder (which I did not do) but you also get protein from nuts and cocoa beans.

This no-bake cake is full of taste and super refreshing, ideal for summer months but you can safely gorge on it any season of the year. Black currants are full of vitamin C and bananas and dates make it rich in other nutrients as well. Raw cocoa beans add an interesting full taste that goes perfectly with fruits. Nuts, together with oats and cocoa beans add texture, lots of iron, which is the ideal combination with vit. C for better iron absorption.

Ingredients and Instructions

The Base

The Cream

The Topping

After you have made the cake, let it freeze and pull it out from the fridge up to half an hour before you intend to eat it.

Bon appetite!

Let me know whether you liked it or hated it or how you made it 🙂

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