Nicole Mericle on Mental Game of Racing, Balance in Life and Diet

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This week’s podcast with Nicole miracle, ehm Mericle.

Why miracle? Because many commented on her sudden appearance to Spartan Race accompanied by reaping the podium finishes one by one.

But the truth is that she has been racing since childhood and has put a lot of work into her performance physically and mentally.

During our lovely chat, we delve into topics like how she overcomes suffering, her mental preparation (and in the end of the episode I add more useful information about how to change your emotional state for better performance), her vision and nutrition.

Let me know what you think and enjoy!


The most important part we spoke about that really stood out to me was how Nicole overcomes suffering and pre-race nervousness. As she said, nervousness equals ready to race in her mind. That frame of mind allows her to calm down and reduce it.

You can start using that method too!

Our emotions are created by three different things: our focus, the meaning, and our physiology.

By changing any part of the triad, you can change your emotion (after you get aware of it). What Nicole does is that she changes the meaning of the experience she has, therefore interrupting it.

You can also change it by changing your physiology as it is deeply rooted in our brain – when we are happy we might jump, when we are sad we are slumpy and sloppy when tired. When it comes to running, a tired runner can be spotted by having a bad form.

Here is an experiment for you. Next time you run and you get tired, focus on your form and posture. When you start getting sloppy notice how you feel. Then correct it to the proper form and compare the results.

You can find Nicole here:

Facebook: Nicole Mericle

Instagram: @nickeldm