Matt Fitzgerald on Endurance Nutrition, Training and Mindsets

In this episode I had a great priviledge and honour to discuss nutrition and training with a legendary author, coach, nutritionist, Matt Fitzgerald!

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Below, you can find the topics and questions we discussed with time-stamps.

3:15 What is the best diet for endurance athletes?
5:58 Carbohydrate intake for endurance athletes – Carbohydrate centered diet
7:48 Nutrition periodization
10:48 Diet trends
11:43 Glycogen depleted workouts
12:35 Fasted training
16:44 Fat adaptation
19:35 I’d like to know if he has seen success with vegan/veg LCHF diets – High fat and vegan performance
22:57 Does Matt have any experience with Gu/gels building up insulin resistance or contributing to NAFLD?
25:33 Problems fueling during a race and long workouts,
28:35 GIT issues and training your stomach
31:45 What were the major differences in training when comparing the professional running camp he attended and the way he used to train?
36:00 Cramping
41:36 Endurance diet, focusing on quality of foods
44:27 Intuitive eating
47:00 How does Matt recommend using the concept of periodization for training with his 80/20 training
49:31 Tapering
50:43 Off-season training
53:50 Pushing yourself mentally, how to find the sweet spot when you are pushing yourself but you don’t go over a threshold
58:33 News from Matt on his new book, 80/20 of Triathlon Training

Mentioned in the episode (in no particular order):

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