Luke Bosek on Ultra Endurance in Sports and Life

Luke Bosek is an ultra-endurance athlete who happens to be my running coach. The reason I asked him for this interview was simple. I view endurance training and racing as something that develops your spirit and mind as much as your body.

When you think about it, everybody is able to push oneself hard for a short period of time. However what we see in sports and business world alike is that those who can sustain their effort long term are the winners. That requires consistency, discipline, sacrifices and grit. This applies to any area of your life.

Results simply need time and the most important is what you can sustain over the long period of time.

And Luke is definitely the guy to go! Besides his athletic achievements, which are plenty, he also works as a sales person. A job that I revere highly as it is mentally demanding and if you put it in conjunction with endurance racing, the result is mental toughness few people achieve.

I invite you to sit back, enjoy your coffee and pay attention to the podcast.

Connect with Luke Bosek:

Instagram: @luke.skyrunner

Web: (If you put my name as a referral you will get also 20% discount from your training plan!)

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