Nutrition Lessons for Runners


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Online Webinar

How should you eat if you want to not only improve your performance but also prolong your lifespan in sports and stay healthy?

Food is not just fuel; it has an effect on overall physical and mental health, energy, and performance. It’s not about a perfect diet or weighing every gram of food, but about understanding the principles of when, what, and how much to eat.

Watch an online lecture where you will learn everything important about an athlete’s diet.

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You wil lfind out:

  • How much, what and how to eat
  • What athletes should pay attention to
  • Simple way to control your portions even without counting calories
  • How to eat before training and races
  • Q&As

Now I understand how to combine foods

Now I understand how to combine foods. This was always a big issue because I never knew what exactly to combine. But now I know what exactly to focus on and this helped me a lot.

I feel lighter and I feel I can recover quicker.


...the kind of advice and tips that we don't necessarily learn in a course, but they are incredibly important.

“…I was dealing with a feeling of hunger after long training sessions, and I didn’t know how to satisfy it. So, essentially, I was hungry almost every hour. I tried adjusting my macronutrient ratio, both before training and throughout the day, but especially after, and the change was minimal. I started thinking maybe I had some hormonal issues.

You, on the other hand, explained it all with a broader perspective, considering everything that could affect this situation – stress, sleep, work, and, of course, the intensity of the training, and so on.

So, I was looking for the reason only on my plate, and you showed me that you need to look at it from a broader spectrum. These are exactly the kind of advice and tips that we don’t necessarily learn in a course, but they are incredibly important.”

Peter, runner

I feel lighter and I feel I can recover quicker.

Daniel Weiss

Daniel Weiss

výživový kouč, bežec, Spartan Race ambasádor

Som certifikovaný výživový kouč a pomáham športovcom jesť zdravo a podporiť stravou ich výkon. Mojím cieľom je pomôcť im porozumieť strave a zjednodušiť ju tak aby tieto vedomosti následne vedeli aplikovať do života.