… it’s really important as an entrepreneur, that you are able to navigate through your own energy, focus, attention, willpower. This is crucial for people who are entrepreneurs and want to learn how to manage themselves before they are able to manage their world, their gift, or what they are good at.

Points and topics discussed in the interview:

  • 2:00 Marketing and connection
  • 6:30 Tailoring your target audience and social platform to your personality
  • 11:00 Navigating through the noise of information & taking action
  • 15:00 Figuring out what you want to do – The best way to figure out what you want to do is to go out and try things. That way you will find out what you like, dislike, and you will probably find things that you enjoy, that you’d never thought about.
  • 18:15 Developing a clear vision of where you want to be
  • 23:45 Making a calculated jump from “9 to 5” job to a full-time entrepreneur
    • 24:00 Forming habits – Advantage of a habit is, you don’t have to think about it. Start by making things ridiculously small.
  • 31:53 Life is a bit of balance between going for what you want and appreciating what you have. How you can improve your performance by balancing your personality, especially as a high performer (athlete, entrepreneur).
    • 39:30 Burnout and preventing burnout (A-type personalities)
    • fulfillment and comfort zone
  • 48:30 about Filip van Houte and how he can help you with sales and productivity
  • 55:45 Connecting with people online
    • 01:00:00 authenticity in the social media
  • 01:04:53 Why the modern men are confused about attracting women
  • 01:08:00 How to change –
    • Managing your expectations,
    • being true to yourself,
    • creating a different story.

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