Intermittent Fasting / Time Restricted Feeding

My Experience
Four weeks ago I started writing article about intermittent fasting and time restricted feeding.
If you are interested in what research has to say about these topics, check that article.
Here, I will share my experience with IF.

Why I decided to do IF. Again.

Few years back I was a big supporter of intermittent fasting and it was based on reasons I now know are true.
However I kind of liked getting a bit hungry and I also like bigger meals. So even when I was not fasting I was happy with three meals a day. Even during high-training volume (15+h per week).
Besides that at the time of.writing that article I had a foot.injury, which resulted in lower activity levels and I concluded that it would be the ideal time for experimentation.

My Esperience

First two or three days I was pretty hungry when I skipped breakfast. I experienced the typical hangry state. But on the fourth day my body was already adjusted to the new schedule, which leads me to one of the major changes…

Less hunger

Although I don’t typically feel hungry, my appetite went down even more and I eat more based on schedule than anything. Yet I still enjoy food.


To my surprise, my weight did not drop. I expected to drop some weight but I compensated pretty well at those two meals. And despite sticking with whole foods like before I manage to eat.more at any single meal.
I might have also dropped some fat but I don’t have it measured


I noticed less bloating despite eating a high fiber diet. Even less when I had similar calories split into three meals. However, there is one negative. Our toilet is not compatible with this eating approach ? often, I have to flush twice.

Strength and training

When it comes to strength and training I noticed being less recovered after certain sessions. Despite that my performance was at maintenance or even improved slightly. I suppose it is because I do most of my training between my meals, not when fasted.
I also feel I have more or the same energy as with breakfast. Today I went for a run and I clearly remember running that route last Christmas and feeling low energy. I skipped breakfast that day and I was not used to it.

Physiological changes

I often feel cold ever since I started with fasting. It must be because of calorie restriction.

Food choices

With introduction of fasting I started including more fats into my diet while greatly.limitung fruit. It is because I was used to eat fruit as a.part of my breakfast oatmeal, which now I don’t have. 
At the same time, I did not switch to “free for all” eating when everything goes. Some people use fasting as an excuse to eat junk food. I do not. If anything, each of my meals is more varied and I am not afraid to include oil or less nutritious choices I would not have chosen with more meals a day.

I expect you to ask me when I eat, what my current eating window is and if I plan to continue.

I typically drink water and coffee until about 1 p.m. I go for a morning walk which is.40-60 minutes or run. I also do some pushups or pull ups spread throughout morning while I typically do office work.
After lunch I continue with office work and then do a quality workout at about 4-6p.m. it might be running or strength training or combination of both.
Finally, I finish with a dinner at about 6p.m. and then I am mostly sedentary again.
For now this schedule allows me to be at peak productivity. I noticed that breakfast ritual (not the food itself) was a major source of interuption for me.