Dr. David Brown - Developing High Performance Athletes

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Dr. David Brown

Dr. David Brown

E3 Fitology owner, coach


Dr. David Brown’s Fit 2.0. clinic is helping you take your Olympic Lifts to the next level. Youth Olympic medalist, Peyton Brown will be assisting with this hands-on clinic that will show correct use of various modalities to help improve your snatch, clean & jerk technique. His daughter Peyton Brown won Team USA’s first ever youth weight lifting medal, a bronze, at the 2018 game in Brazil. She’s the first American female to ever medal in Olympic lifting. She’s also the first woman of color to do so.

Instagram – @drexercise

My special guest today is Dr. David Brown who goes by name Dr. Exercise. Besides many high-performers, David coaches one of my previous podcast guest, Rebecca Clements. Our conversation is centered around how to be the best athlete and a coach you can be and what it takes to get there. 
Do you wonder what makes a great coach or a great athlete?
It is combination of mindset, training and recovery.
David Brown @drxercise is an expert on the subject and he shares with us his knowledge on these topics.
What we talk about is:
  • What makes a great coach and an athlete?
  • How to lose fat AND build muscle at the same time.
  • Training and nutrition for OCR athletes
  • How to recover well

Time Stamps

06:00 About David’s work and his E3 philosophy
14:00 What it takes to excel as an athlete
15:35 DNA testing for genetic make-up (sport identification and nutrition considerations)
19:00 What makes a great coach?
23:00 What has been the most challenging aspect of coaching for David?
23:40 How to build confidence as a coach / athlete?
30:53 How to cut fat while building muscle.
33:53 Training manipulation for muscle building in a caloric deficit.
39:43 Training for OCR
44:40 Nutrition for OCR
47:14 What was the biggest challenge when coaching @simplywhimsical who is a vegan?
49:00 Best practices for recovery , physical and mental.

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