Chocolate Rolls

Simplified & satisfying

Holidays are typically accompanied by feasts and different cookies. Why instead of skipping the sweets we improved them instead?



Ready In:

3h (30min. work)

Good For:

Dessert, Post Workout


Nutrition information for whole recipe

1469kcal | 64g Protein | 79g Carbs | 99g Fat | 43g Fiber
  • 50g Oats
  • 10g flax seeds, ground
  • 50g pecan nuts or walnuts
  • 30g Protein powder vanilla/walnut/coffee flavor
  • 50g banana (or dates)
  • 70ml – 150 ml Water


Put nuts into food processor and pulse a few times. Add flax seeds, protein powder, banana/dates and mix again.

Add liquid and mix until you achieve the desired consistency. I used only 75ml of water because I spread it in a thin layer on a sheet. If you want to squeeze batter through a bag with attachment (sorry, no idea how it is called), you will want to use more liquid.

Bake at 180°C for about 30 minutes. The time will depend on the moisture of your cookie dough and your oven.


Pre-cut shapes of your cookies with knife before baking. It will be easier for you to cut it afterwards.

If your dough ends up being too dry, don’t worry. It will soak some moisture from the cream. Alternatively, you can just put it into fridge and it will get moist.

Chocolate mousse

  • 50g Dark 83% Chocolate
  • 15g Defatted Cocoa Powder
  • 80g Coconut cream, 93%
  • 70ml Water


Melt the chocolate in a steam bath. Add water and coconut cream while doing so. The container where you melt chocolate should not be touching the hot water. You want steam to warm it up. This way it does not get too hot.

Simply put all the ingredients together in a tall container and whisk so ingredients are mixed well.

Put into fridge for 30 minutes or longer, then use a whisk (attachment) to form a cream. It should hold together well, even more so if you put it into fridge for some time again.


You can also add cinnamon or vanilla extract or my favourite ingredient – espresso shot.

You can also use avocado and/or silken tofu for the mousse.

If you are a sweet tooth, you can also add a little bit of sweetener. I advise to use honey, blackstrap molasses, or soaked dates. These go really well with chocolate.

Cocoa Topping


Traditionally, we would cover the rolls with melted chocolate. I chose to use a mixture of defattened cocoa powder with soy milk, which worked really well. This will save you some calories but also the taste will not be amazing (but you might be surprised by how well they taste anyway). So it is up to you.

Simply put the ingredients together in a pan on low heat and combine cocoa powder with milk and extra virgin coconut oil. Constantly stirring, reduce the liquid to a silky smooth consistency. It will take a minute or two.

Finally, carefully pour the liquid cocoa on your rolls. Alternatively, you can dip them in the cocoa.