You hit the streets. You start meeting more women. You get more numbers. You are happy about how good you are because you can do what most men can’t – start a conversation with a woman on street and eventually get her number or a date.

The next day you go out and you start feeling that you need to start talking with women, get some numbers. But now you are starting to feel uneasy. You find it hard to go and start a conversation while just yesterday you felt like a rock-star! There is friction, an invisible wall you can’t cross.

Why is that?!

You know how to do it. You know you can do it and you even know it is easy to do. Hell, you even did it! So where is the problem?

Contrary to that, recall a moment when you were maybe standing in a queue and started talking with a girl next to you. Your conversation flown naturally and maybe you even met afterwards. It was easy, natural and there was no feeling of discomfort or unease. It just happened. If you haven’t experienced it, trust me on that 😉

The problem is why you do it. You go out in order to meet women which is a fatal mistake! (getting)

When you go out with intention to get women’s number or to get a date,  you are having very different energy to when you are just doing your things and meeting women as a side effect or a bonus. This we call autonomy.

In autonomous state you project different energy, you don’t feel pressure, neither you are putting pressure on yourself to meet more women. You are in the flow. In the flow you can create, you can be creative and proactive and spontaneous (spontaneous creativity).

When you are in the state of spontaneous creativity you make things happen without friction. Not only that but also people react better to you because you are actually enjoying yourself. You are “throwing energy” around and people get attracted to that!

You are attractive because you are inviting them to conversation, sharing your presence, you are sharing energy together. You are not outcome dependant (you don’t need to take her number or go on a date), even if you ask her out, you don’t really care whether she would go or not because you are enjoying th present moment.

Men who are starting to explore the world of seduction may find these minor differences and consider them irrelevant. But when you experience it and I bet you already have experienced it, you will know that this slight change in intention makes enormous difference in how people react to you (and how you communicate with them  in the first place).

For example I would go to grocery store three times a day to buy something because I wanted to increase chance of meeting girls. Logical. And I did. Then I started noticing enormous difference in how I felt when I went to shop to actually do shopping, not as a mean to meet more girls. The difference was that I was able to have fun, meet girls and connect with them without friction, while on the other hand when I went there to meet girls (I knew it deep down), I had to fight with myself to start a conversation. It was not effortless anymore and counterproductive.

I started thinking that I need to practice more, that I need to learn how to go and meet women anytime anywhere. Which I do now even without thinking about it or intending to do so.

  • meeting women has become part of my core personality,
  • I let go (I made a decision) the need to meet women all the time,
  • I am sure I meet and start conversation with women anywhere I go,
  • and it is all part of fun.

You need to let go.

How do you let go?

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