Meal Plans

Why I don't create meal plans and why you should not look for one

“I want a plan. I’m sick of trying to figure all this stuff out! Just tell me what to eat!”
Is that something you would say?
Let me provide a different perspective.
First and foremost, I understand you. I was in your shoos, looking all over the Internet for the right meal plan for me more than once. Guess what?
I never found a meal plan to stick with. There was always some food that I could not get locally or did not want to spend what they were asking for the item.
So I started looking for personalized meal plans. Those usually come as a part of a service or separately but were relatively pricey! I am speaking 60€ for a meal plan alone for a month. And honestly, I am not sure I would stick to the T with it!
In the end, I am glad I have not bought any meal plan because I had to choose the harder way, which gave me an opportunity to learn about the food I’ve been eating and principles of nutrition so now I can create meal plans and finally become millionaire!
Here are the main issues with meal plans:
  1. When you have a meal plan, does it mean you will stick with it? It is normal to want to eat something that is not prescribed and it could even be superior choice! Or maybe you don’t have some of the groceries. Or maybe, you have everything ready but preparing the new meal is way out of your comfort zone.  These factors might create unnecessary stress.
  2. Even if you follow the meal plan perfectly, you don’t learn along the way. I follow the idea “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
  3. Meal plans focus on macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) and/or total calories. They don’t might not take into consideration nutritionally important factors as micronutrition but most important, they don’t account for human variables such as changes in preferences, lifestyle stress and other fluctuations we experience daily. Sure, the technology nowadays is very advanced and you can get very personalized meal plan without spending much money. In the end, meal plan is just one tool that is useful for a very specific goal and to be used for a short period of time.
  4. A factor that I have never seen accounted for is “how you eat”. Do you eat your meals slow or fast? Do you chew your food thoroughly or do you gorge yourself mindlessly? The eating habits and skills might be even more important then the actual food you eat.
The main point is that we are not machines, robots nor calculators. Having a meal plan is  like a recipe book. People buy them, try a recipe or two and then move on. You will simply not become a chef if you buy a recipe book! To become a chef you need to understand the meal preparation and principles behind food combinations, flavouring and cooking techniques.
I am not here to create robots even if it means losing income. Meal plans alone have a specific use. But my goal is to teach you principles of a good nutrition that you will be able to use forever.

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