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$200 worth of Prizes

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I feel lighter, have more energy, and my body feels like it recovers quicker.


After his coaching, I lost almost 10 pounds. I’m at 177.5. Body fat percent is 14.4 and my visceral fat area is 45. I have more energy and feel better. He focused a lot on realizing the other benefits of eating a more healthy lifestyle. Like my mood, emotions, and energy. Had he not, I may have not realized the significance of the change. His kind and encouraging personality complimented me being overcritical of myself.
Airek Diley

Personal Trainer

Daniel, you are awesome!!! I’ve been trying to get my macros right on plant-based and can’t. I needed this insight to understand more. Thank you for your generosity and the hard work that you share.

I’m grateful to not have to do all this research on my own.

Alina Cracium

What I really like about your approach is you make it simple. You have various materials for different people who want it more complicated, who want to read all detailed information, but at the same time you are approaching me with this “You can do it but you don’t have to do it.”. It helped me to stay motivated.

Nutrition has always been my downfall. I typically know what to do but struggled remaining consistent. I will say since “meeting” Daniel Weiss I’ve gotten so much better! He’s a wealth of knowledge and dumbed it down for me.

Today I run BB Half Marathon… well, I finished ☺️. Great satisfaction, new personal record, and 14th place in the category and 36th place in the absolute standings. Thank you Daniel Weiss for your advice. It was fruitful.